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Studio Neue is a design studio, sensitive about materials and the process of making. We find the making process of an object or a space thrilling and we're passionate about being active in the process.   We spend most of our daytime in ateliers learning, getting inspired, designing and experimenting. We believe in a synchronized and involved design process.   


New collection NEVERLAND interprets the ever repeating ceramic culture with mediterranean inspirations. Raw textures, neutral colors and coastal imagery illustrates the theme. Collection recalls a tranquil, imperfect, naturally chic lifestyle. Studio Neue implies the ancient synergy of man, nature and earth on  tiles by form, material and texture.  


Studio Neue pays great attention to the production process. We work with local manufacturers who provide fair working environment and value quality production. We believe products reflect the atmosphere they were born into. Therefore we carefully select manufacturers and suppliers. 

Every tile is treated by hand. Therefore handmade tiles are hardly the same, mostly different. They resemble nature’s usual way of being: the harmony of non-identical pieces. Studio Neue tiles manifest a harmonic aura as a result of handmade process’ flaws. 



Irem Diniz and Sena Tolanay met in 2015 at İstanbul Bilgi University. Irem recieved a Bachelor's degree of Interior Architecture, and Sena recieved a Bachelor's degree of Architecture in 2019. Their passion for material, crossed their ways and they started working with various materials. In 2020 they started their own studio where they create, test materials, and perform hands-on production process. They're planning to build a design space where many materials are turned into designs with people who value the material's potentials and production process. 

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